Our Favorite 6-player Games

June 1, 2017 By 0 Comments
by Parker

Six people is a hard number of people to play a game with. Many people will choose to never play with six, but rather break up into two groups. However, there are times when you just want everybody to play a game together, and that is what this list is here to help with. This list includes games that either Jarah or I thoroughly enjoy playing and will choose to play with six players. This list also excludes any games that we deem as party games, as we believe those games deserve their own list.


This is my all time favorite game, so I will recommend it at just about any player count. I have never actually played it with six people, but I have played with two through five players, and I cannot imagine liking it much less with six. I love how you can spend your time focusing on farming, mining, or both and be successful. Worker placement games are my favorite, and this is definitely one of the best.


Jamaica has some of the best artwork and components of any game I have ever played. Outside of gameplay (or sometimes during..) you can line up the cards from your deck and get a wonderful panoramic of the light-hearted pirates of Jamaica. It is a great introduction into racing games and a gateway game that we still enjoy getting to the table.

King of Tokyo

I really could go with King of Tokyo or King of New York here, but I will go with the original. King of Tokyo is always a hit, no matter who we have taught it to. Who doesn’t love the idea of taking control of some gigantic monster and having a battle royale with all of your friends to see who really is the King of Tokyo? This is probably one of the premier dice games out there now and one that is greatly enhanced with the addition of the Power Up! expansion. If you are searching for a game with a little more strategy, then King of New York might be a better pick, but both games are great gateway games that never fail to bring some laughs to the table.


Our second pirate-themed game on the list, but both games are about as different as they come. Libertalia uses pirates with more of a Pirates of the Caribbean feel, and players have to decide what members of the crew they are sending out each day to collect the loot that is rightfully theirs. This is one game in which the extra players really do not slow the game down as players take simultaneous actions throughout the game.

Power Grid

I will recommend this game to anyone who likes Monopoly for the business aspect of it. There is so much going on in this game, and I love it! Deciding what power plants to buy, if you should buy resources now vs. later, and then trying to decide which cities you are going to move into makes for one heck of a good time. You can also pick up different boards that all have two different countries on them to really add to the replayability of this already great game.

Rise of Augustus

Ave Caesar! Rise of Augustus is affectionately referred to as “gamer’s bingo”, and that really is a great description of it. Take the simple joy that you get from getting to yell “Bingo!”, mix it with a little bit of strategy, and you have Rise of Augustus. I have heard so many people say that they do not know why they love this game, but they do. It is so simple to play and yet so rewarding. Definitely another great gateway game.


Having dropped “The Settlers of” and now just being referred to as Catan, it is still a great game. Especially if you are trying to teach new people that board games aren’t just for kids anymore. Catan is the quintessential resource management game and the oldest game on our list. You will have to buy the Cities and Knights expansion to enjoy this game with six people. I personally prefer playing with the Cities and Knights expansion, but there are still thousands of people who enjoy this game regularly and that should tell you something. Catan also holds a special place in my heart for being the only game I have ever entered into the tournament for, and yes I did win (#humblebrag).

7 Wonders

This is a great card drafting game, unfortunately, it also has the claim of being the game that I most hate to teach. However, it should tell you something that despite that, it still makes this list. It is a game that you really just have to play through one time before you will fully understand how it works, but that isn’t a problem because this game can be played in under 30 minutes. After playing through once or twice it actually becomes a very easy game to play. The only problem is teaching new players what all of the symbols mean. This is another game that takes almost the exact same amount of time to play no matter how many people are playing, and I would gladly play it with anywhere from three to seven players (I am not a fan of the 2-player variant, but that is what 7 Wonders: Duel is for :)).

Honorable Mentions:

Cosmic Encounter
Twilight Imperium: Third Edition
Shadows Over Camelot

So that concludes another list of recommendations from PB&J Games and we hope that you guys found it helpful. If you have any games that you love playing with six people or have any other questions, tell us in the comments!