The turkey is cooking. The cider is simmering. Rolls are rising. And all the family is scattered through the house—Dad, Grandpa, and Uncle Joe are in the den watching football. Mom, Grandma, and Aunt Suzy are chatting in the kitchen. Tony, Molly, and all the other cousins are glued to their phones. And you’re stuck with your Great Aunt Agatha not knowing what to do or say. After all, you only see this side of the family once or twice a year, and small talk doesn’t always come easy.

That’s where board games come in. A game can gather everyone in one room and give them something to bond over. Some games make you laugh so hard you cry as you try to interpret drawings. Others pit you against one another trying to figure out who is the Renegade and who is the Deputy. And then there is the one where everyone is frantically trying to roll their dice to be the first with all 10 equaling the same number. No matter what age, group size, or interest, we can help you find a great holiday past time other than talking about weather, politics, or your Aunt Agatha’s cats (although we do have a game about collecting cats she’ll love too!)

Come in to PB&J Games this holiday season to find the perfect game for your family and friends to play. We’ll recommend a game, teach you how to play, and even let you test it out in the store! We’re excited to help you make a memorable family gathering this holiday season.

1201 NW 178th St, Edmond, OK 730129am to 9pm Friday, November 24 and Saturday, November 25.

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