New Christmas Tradition

December 17, 2018 By 0 Comments

Who doesn’t love Christmas traditions? Opening presents, making cookies for Santa, piling into the family car to go look at Christmas lights. These are all wonderful things that many families do together over the Christmas season, and we’ve got a new tradition for you to consider starting! What better way to spend time together than playing a new game you open on Christmas? Here several games we think your family will love playing together.

Kingdomino: Game of the Year in 2017, this game uses dominoes in a new way. Trying to best expand your kingdom, each player chooses a domino and attaches it to a domino with a matching terrain type. However, each territory gains points based on size and how many crowns are found within.

Telestrations: Each player starts the game with a random word that they have to draw, then they pass their sketch clockwise and hope their neighbor can guess what they drew. Play continues alternating between guessing what was sketched and sketching what was guessed until each player gets their starting sketchbook back, and then hilarity ensues!

Wits & Wagers: How many bathrooms are in Buckingham Palace? How long is the Statue of Liberty’s right arm? Have no idea what the answers is? That’s ok! Just bet on who you think got the answer closest without going over and you can win too! It is not about knowing the answers, it’s about knowing who does!

Azul: This 2018 Game of the Year winner allows up to four players to construct their own beautiful palace in Portugal. Players will take turns picking the tiles they want in order to best fill their board. Great for families with elementary age kids and above, and the pieces are beautiful!


Exit/Unlock: These are versions of an escape room in a box. Both are a series of puzzles the players work together to try and solve in a set amount of time.

Tenzi: Have issues getting your family to sit still to play an entire game? Then Tenzi might be perfect for you! Each player has 10 dice, and everyone rolls their dice as fast as they can to get all of their dice on the same number. Each game takes about a minute, and the rules come with five different ways to play!

Magic Maze: This is a co-operative game in which all the players work together to get four characters to their own objective and then out of the maze. The catch is it is a race against the clock, each player is limited in how they can move each character, and players cannot communicate with each other in any form!

Disney Villainous: Each player takes on the role of an infamous Disney villain trying to carry out their secret plans. Can Jafar use Iago and his Snake Staff to win the game, or will another player find the Magic Lamp first and use the Genie to stall his plans?

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions? Fondest Christmas memories? Come by PB & J Games and we can help you start your new tradition this year!